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The Anjuman Sunnat Ul Jamaat Inc.

Founded in 1947, ASJA is recognised by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Its Current President-General is Yacoob Ali.

ASJA controls 7 state-aided Muslim primary schools and 6 colleges; two all-male, and the four all-female. It also manages the Haji Ruknuddeen Islamic Institute which offers courses in Islamic studies and the Arabic language to adult students.

162 Cipero St.
San Fernando Phone:652-6061

or ASJA Avenue Charlieville 671-8250

ASJA Charlieville Mosque
ASJA Avenue Charlieville

Jinnah Memorial Mosque
Eastern Main Road
St. Joseph


Trinidad Muslim League

Founded in 1947, TML controls:

Two kindergarten schools

Three primary schools

Private secondary school



T.I.A Primary School
Boundary Rd
San Juan

 Tackveeyatul Islamic Association

It is the first national Muslim organization to be established in the country (1926) and also the first to be incorporated by Act of Legislature (1931). It is also the first non-Christian organization to have been granted State-aid for the management of schools (1949).

The organization manages five (5) State-aided primary schools, which cater for children of all religious beliefs.

1 Industrial Lane
Chaps Fleurs
Phone: 662-2203
Fax: 645-5268


Mon Plasir Rd
Phone: 665-8868
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Darul Uloom

Founded by the late Mufti Shabil Ali who was a graduate of the Dar Ul Uloom in India. It has a residential school for young men in which students are tutored up to Advance Secondary Level in academic subjects as well as in Islamic and Arabic studies up to graduation as Maulanas and Muftis and Hafiz of Quran. There is also a Dar Ul Uloom for young women with a similar course struture. Dar Ul Uloom also conducts part-time courses in Islamic and Arabic studies for mature student.


The Islamic Missionaries Guild of The Caribbean and South America

Founded by the late Maulana Fazlur Rahman Ansari, the Guild's main purpose is to promote Islam to non-Muslims.

The Islamic Centre
Kelly Village
"Teach what you know; Practise what you know; Learn more than what you know"

The Muslim Credit Union

The Muslim Credit Union
Eastern Main Road, Aranguez

675-8087, 675-5261

The Muslim Credit Union
50 Cipero Street, San Fernando

The Islamic Funeral Services Trust

The Trust provides a very useful service to bereaved families who are facilitated at minimum cost. Burial arrangements for the deceased including the bathing, shrouding, transportation and interment of the deceased.

The Islamic Ladies Social and Cultural Association

Over 30 years old, the organisation has been very active in Trinidad and Tobago community. Dr. Joan Homaida Kazim has dedicated herself to the social and cultural projects undertaken by the association. These projects include provision of food, clothing, financial aid to the poor as well as medical attention to the afflicted through its Medical Clinic. Educational programmes are conducted on an on-going basis at the Islamic Academy and are comprised of Islamic pre-school, primary school, and civics classes, and vocational training for sisters.

Jamaat Al Muslimeen

This group which is led by Imam Yasin Abu-Bakr consists mainly of converts to Islam of African origin. The Jamaat has a Masjid and an Islamic school just outside the city of Port-of-Spain, located on lands donated by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaat Al Muslimeen
1 Mucurapo Rd.
St. James

Madinah House (More than just a shelter)

MADINAH HOUSE - more than just a shelter


This is a non-profit organization - NGO that came into existence in February 1999. Run by a Board of Directors of Muslim Women, a Manager and two Matrons.Madinah House offers temporary shelter and provides a secure environment for the female survivors and their children of Domestic Violence. Refferals for entry are via Police, Families in Action, Social Worker or Imams.
Maling Address: St Kevin's College 23-25 Prince of Wales Street San Fernando

Contact Numbers (800) SAVE (868)652-4153 or (868)657-1055



The Islamic Da’wah Movement was formally registered under the Company’s Act as a non-profit organisation in 1986. Its history goes back however, to the early 1970’s when a small group of brothers began studying Islam under the guidance of a Muslim missionary from India. By 1975 that group established the Islamic Trust at El Socorro, San Juan.

The Islamic Trust, or the “Trust” played a leading role in subsequent years in the revival of Islamic education and training in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region. This revival was characterized by: the establishment of a library and bookstore, the publication of the monthly magarzine, the Muslim Standard the sale of Islamic literature, the teaching of Arabic and the recitation of the Qur’an, Islamic study circles, classes, courses and youth camps, etc.. These efforts have continued under the Islamic IDM as it strives to carry the message of Islam to the people of Trinidad and Tobago inspired by messages of the Qur’an such as: “Let there arise from amongst you, a band of people calling to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. They are the ones who will successful” (Quran:3:102). IDM is a foundation and active member organisation of the umbrella body, the United Islamic Organisations Incoorperated.















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