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About Us

Untitled Document The Organisation Registered Under the Company's Act

F Foundation for the
I Institution of
S Services
C Caring
A And
L Learning

  • Foundation Structure

  • AIM:

  • To build the UMMAH in T & T so as to serve Allah in the best of manner and also support each other in every way possible to exist in this Duniya while preparing for the Akhirah

  • Objectives
     To create Support Groups to help one another
  •  To establish a communication infrastructure for the Muslim Community
  •  To create linkages between all Jamaats and Islamic Organizations
  •  To create an environment for youth participation at all levels
  •  To help identify the needs of the community
  •  To work with all Jamaats to satisfy these needs
  •  To encourage and increase economic activities among the Muslims through networking

    1. Counseling
    a. National Islamic Counseling Services (NICS)
    b. Pre-Marital
    c. Parenting Strategies
    d. Peer Counseling
    e. 24 Hour Counseling Service
    f. Marriage Bureau
    g. Counseling in other areas
    2. Databases
    a. Directory of Muslims by each Jamaat
    b. Directory of Businesses
    c. Directory of Skilled and Unskilled Persons
    d. Recruitment Agency
    e. Marriage Bureau

    Current Projects

    Ummah Database Creation
  • Establishing Premarital Counseling as a prerequisite for marriage
    Leadership Training
  • Youth Interaction through MATCH
    M Muslim youth
    A activities
    T to
    C create
    H harmony

  • Youth Recognition – Annual Awards Lunch where all Muslim youth who have won scholarships based on CAPE are recognized. 9th November 2014 call 763 2960 for tickets.

  • Volunteer signup –
  • Be a part of building and serving the Ummah. Sign up now on this website.

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